Dealer Relations

Dealer Relations

Alliance Acceptance Corp. offers a competitive consistent program suited to both the franchise and independent dealer. Through our network of Regional Credit Managers, Alliance Acceptance Corp. has the expertise to meet a Dealer's automotive financing needs.

The Dealer/Client Service Team

AAC's business strategy includes having Regional Credit Managers - our front line underwriters, working directly with our dealers from local offices close to dealers and their purchasing consumers. We believe that by establishing a close working relationship we can maximize a dealers understanding of the AAC program thereby allowing them to maximize their profit and sales. This approach enables our Regional Credit Managers to develop strong relationships with our primary customers, independent and franchise automobile dealers. Through our local Regional Credit Managers, we provide a high level of service to our dealers by providing local decision making capability.

The AAC Dealer Program - Our Competitive Advantages

We emphasize the consistency of our program with our Dealers by laminating the AAC "Rate Sheet" visually showing them that our program is not going to change. We also create value to our Dealers by giving them consistent decisions. A deal today is going to be a deal tomorrow. We do this by hiring high quality, experienced "local" Regional Credit Managers and educating them thoroughly on our program. We also do our verifications "Up Front" before we make a credit decision. This allows the dealer to have more certainty in the funding of the transaction by limiting the stipulations required. Finally, we focus on funding. We understand our Dealers need to turn their contracts into cash so they can have more "cars on the lot". We strive to do same day funding whenever possible to ensure as quick a turnaround time for our Dealers.